Wow, I havent updated this site in almost two months. Sorry, but Ive been quite busy lately. Anywho, I have updated the "Funker News" section with some new tidbits of the new album Survivor. Check it out, and this is the FIRST Funker Vogt website that brings you this news.

In other news, I should be having a clip of the new song "This World" up soon, so you people can listen to this track. And, I should also be having the rest of the sound samples up soon too...just gotta find some space.

Till next time...Take Care!!

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Date of Expiration, the new single, is officially released in Europe. For U.S., you can order a copy at Metropolis Mail Order for $10.

In other news, I might be adding samples of rare Funker Vogt remixes and unreleased songs. If possible, I might put up full songs as these are quite rare and hard to come by. Another idea that I might do is a "Funker Vogt" radio show that just streams nothing but Funker Vogt and side-project songs. This might be a weekly thing where songs are rotated every week, or it might just be certain songs played randomly. I don't know y yet what I might do. If anyone like the idea or has anymore ideas for this "radio show" email me.

Sorry for not updating the site as I promised and uploading the sound samples for the new single. But, I have not forgot and they have been uploaded. Of course, the single officially released this coming monday, June 10th. But, you can hear samples of it here first! Check it out at the discography section of this site. Take care!!

All of the real audio file sound samples do not work now. Tripod changed things around and now I only have 20 megs of space, so I had to slim down the site by temporarily removing the sound samples as they take up the most space.

But, in good news, expect sound samples for the new Funker Vogt single "Date of Expiration" to be up tomorrow.

Sorry for the long delay of updates. I have updated the pictures section adding pictures from the New York show; Check it out on Page 4 of the pictures section. I have also updated the Funker News with the track listing of the new single "Date of Expiration" and new tour dates.

Well, I went to the Funker Vogt show yesterday nite and it was a great show. The opener, XPQ-21 was also good. Read up more on my report by clicking here: Funker Vogt @ NYC

Since I could not interview the band at the show, look for an interview and pictures from the show in the coming weeks.

Happy new year everyone! After 7 months of not updating, I have finally revamped this site, and it is much better than the original design. I have added a short mini-interview with Gerrit Thomas, and you can find that in the "interviews" section. I will also be adding samples to the Subspace single and the Code 7747 EP soon. Also, the Funker News section has been updated with the new tour dates.

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