Interview with Jens Kaestel of Funker Vogt-By The Elektrobank on 4/19/2001

Me-1. First off, introduce to the readers who you are.
Jens-Hello everybody I am Jens the singer of Funker Vogt

Me-2. How did you get involved with Funker Vogt?
3. Why did Gerrit choose you to be vocalist?
Jens-Gerrit and I used to play in the same soccer team so I knew that he is into the music buisness. and so while the time passed by we had the idea to start our own music project. A project which deals with the harsh side of electronic music. Gerrit knew that I am a fan of harsh music, so he asked me to sing a couple of songs and see how it works. And as we all know it worked quite well.

Me-4. What would you be doing if you werent part of Funker?
Jens-The same what i do now, just without funker vogt. No, probably I would have founded a band with someone else.

Me-5. What were you doing before joining Funker?
Jens-Before I was involved in Funker Vogt i only played soccer and without Funker Vogt I probably would have become a profesional soccer player.

Me-6. Do you have a regular job?
Jens-Yes I am working for VW. This is a job I really enjoy, cause it is good work and I still have lots of freedom for other things like music. Eesides that I am a trainer for a soccer team.

Me-7. What type of music did you listen to while growing up? now?
Jens-I used to listen to bands like Iron maidon and Sccept, then I entered the thrash hardcore sector and later on I combined my favour for this music with my new interests in electronic music. Agnostic front rules!

Me-8. How is it working with the rest of the members?
Jens-As we know each other for years, we are pretty familiar with each other and so we have a really friendly work atmosphere. And, if we have an argument, we are acting like an old couple, first we dont talk to eachother for 5 minutes and than everything is fine again.

On to the tour!
Me-9. How was the tour in Europe last year? In home country of Germany?
Jens-Our tour and single concerts last year have been very successful. We could gain more fans again. So we could show all our enemies who envy us that we keep on fighting and we never surrender against prejudices.

Me-10. The tour also saw the band perform in new "costumes." Why is that you dress differently when performing?
Jens-Funker vogt is a product which is closely connected with a certain image. That's it.

Me-11. What was your impression of Klirrfactor?
Jens-The boys from klirrfaktor are nice guys and thank god they loved to drink as well, but their music is not my style.

Me-12. What was your impression of New York City?
13. Orlando?
Jens-Playing in NY, FL ws a really nice experience. Both concerts were great, the shows have been sold outand the crowd went crazy. I would have loved to stay in the states.

Me-14. How was the response to the two show? Compared to Europe?
Jens-Actually there are no differences. FV Fans in the states are as crazy as in Germany.

Me-15. Do you know when the US tour is going to take place? And, maybe hints on what cities?
Jens-The tour is planned right now and ny and orlando will be included. We are talking about 9 shows. It will take place in october 2001.

Me-16. Someone people in the NY thought that everything was all the music was coming from a backing tape. Since you do perform with the band, everyone performs live, right?
Jens-Only believe in things you see with your own eyes. Due to travelling we had some trouble with the equipment (we had only our basic stuff) but nevertheless FV are always playing live! We dont fool our fans and if somebody believes that he is just a moron and should better bugger off.

Back to the questions-
Me-17. Kai writes most of the lyrics to the songs. Have you ever though of writing lyrics to Funker songs, too?
Jens-As I am already really busy, I have got no time left for this. And all in all I am happy with Kai's lyrics most of the time. But you never know.

Me-18. Have you though of recording a song or two with no effects on yout voice?
Jens-It already happened on our double cd t but this shouldnt become the rule.

19. What is your opinion of MP3s? Do you think they hurt or help the artists? How about in the case of a band like Funker Vogt?
Jens-I think that mp3 is not so important to our scene. It has its dis and advantages. The future will show us what happens. I used mp3 only to inform myself, when I like something, I buy it. Everybody deserves a payment for his work, and everybody should pay if he takes advantage or uses someones work. Anything else is just bullshit.

Me-20. Any last words?
Jens-I hope that all your wishes may be fulfilled and that we see us in october. Then we will have a big party together.

I would like to thank Jens for taking the time to answer this long interview.


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