Funker Vogt Interview with Jens Kastel (Vocalist) of Funker Vogt.
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note: This interview was orginally in German, and I used the translator at to translate the interview into english. Sorry, if the interview is not in coherent english, as it is a direct translation from German grammar to English. Also, some words were not translated as they could not be translated for some odd reason, probably the way it is spelled. Good luck in decyphering the interview. If you want to read the interview in German then visit Wrath.

What is one to say already largely to Funker Vogt? Third, now published album sells itself better still than the likewise already well running first two CDs. The group from Hameln knows now thus guarantees everyone, which a little for hard Electro can become enthusiastic. Therefore: Enough the introduction, loosely geht's with the interview. Our interlocutor was by the way a singer Jens. Thanks again for the detailed discussion!!!

1. You wait now for route, how the new material live arrived?
"Tragic hero" knew some already of hearing legends, which were album already a few days outside, I think, there already some people drauf zeroed in themselves; we played live also only three, four new pieces and arrived relatively good.

2. How were many people so per concert there?
The worst was in rear spar, on one Sunday - 130 visitors, otherwise like that to 300.

3. Wait it contently?
Thus for it that it was the first Headlinertour, and that the people came to 90% because of us, I am already content. If one compares it with the route last year - with ISC - there were it still split, it came many people because of ISC and many because of us, and there we did not have so many visitors. And but that many weekdays were thereby where one cannot activate the people in such a way...

4. You wait allegedly also for Radiopromotour, is worthwhile themselves here in Germany at all?
Radiopromotour is exaggerated a little, it gives from time to time to inquiries, whether we can to make and the new album present times radio endings, but that we drive now quite directly somewhere, that not. Only if inquiries of special transmissions are there.

5. Things like " black radio " or " Black Channel " thus?
Exactly, so small things stop, regionally mostly. The larger things gibt's all no more in the public radio, like the " border waves " on ffn.

6. ... and the music television stations are also not better unfortunately there...
Although, things run like " and one " on VIVA, that become ever more.

7. Also " Pitchfork " or " Rammstein " run there, think you, the alternative music come out slowly from their shadow existence?
If I do not believe, it only nevertheless in principle that am played, which is also measure compatible, if I sound myself that, from which from PP runs, that am measure-compatibly, exactly the same as with and One, with which respective Song the stop is published. I mean, that am also the correct way; I cannot do mine Hammersong, crack without end, which ate masses to accuse, but rather different things, so that the people imagine, pleases me, can I times clean-hear into the disk. Did you see that PP were in the Bravo?
8. Noe, I do not read no more...
That was ' ne double page!

9. How did it come to co-operation with Volker Lutz of Evils Toy on the " Execution TRACKS "?
Naja, is correct not completely with co-operation. That was so not planned, we wanted only the Maxi with it to take up, the two pieces of " Tragic hero " and " Voices OF the DEAD ". We knew each other already from in former times, from concerts and in such a way, already times one together drank. It offered its own studio and us that we can go past times. And like that we are times one weekend rausgekommen nd wanted which to make, are however nothing thereby come out because we were only drunk and like that has ourselves then also belonged as we again sober were - thus that was a case of pure. The singing with the Refrain, which I do not have then no more hingekriegt, because I was so drunk, and then Volker along-sang, and that fit rather well. No planning was behind it, it thus there only said, sings nevertheless times in such a way!

10. Fits however actually quite good...
We found also!

11. Does " Spread go your legs " on the Maxi into the same direction as " Shaven "?
Yes, that is still more primitive.

12. Want to probably make e-Craft competition for it?
Hmmmja, ne not necessarily. Thank thanks, but that does not have to be, but that is simply also only primitive. One must also have fun.

13. About Remix - there wait it lately very actively, comes still more from you?
At the moment there nothing more, that pends everything was published.

14. **time-out** be it still something, which it still gladly make will?
Och, we would make everything gladly. And One for example, which would make Gerrit gladly.

15. Bluemchen?
Jo, why not?

16. Would be safe funny...
A problem, but with that you cannot begin probably also not much...

17. How are the chances, times a Funker Vogt song with undistorted singing to hear to get? With 200%. Why not? We said, we that never will never make. We that only never tried and I think times, if we make any session, then come from alone.

18. Think do you, it your current sound plumbed or their e.g. also times which with guitars will make, or want it with the " pure " EBM to remain?
As we are merry degrees. Pure EBM is that already for a long time no more, in principle participates many Techno items alone from the speed also, Gitarrensamples occurs eh from time to time times, is however not like that in the foreground. We want to make not as a disk now as FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, where only guitars drauf are, and a fixed guitarist, that with security not. It is to remain already electronic, and if stop SAM-polarizes somewhere with in it is or which must be inserted, then that is OK ONE is plumbed the sound still for a long time not, there is we ourselves still another little dissatisfied, we finishes always everything relatively fast. And like then stop is, if one hears the finished product then, then pleases it one already no longer, then one wants to make this and that differently. Thus it is to become already sound-moderately still better. Everything must become better...

19. Unfortunate I find that on " Execution TRACKS " are no more slower pieces drauf...
TC, I finds that generally the pieces did not become somewhat slower, if you compare the albums times are except " internationally killers " a ultraschneller reisser more drauf.

20. In addition, Ballade is none drauf...
Well well, that is correct, but of the EBM speed... thus that is already times the good, it can none more say, we makes EBM, because no more EBM speed is thereby, but far over it. That is already no more pure EBM, as many people say.

21. The term " pure EBM " is eh ' fits nevertheless...
But not with us, many say (laughs). That is the reproach: what before 10 or 15 years EBM was, now that make we. In principle have ' I there also nix approximately, if that says to one, why also. So nothing is to be objected approximately, the music was also not bad.

22. Correctly always, but what runs under " correct EBM ", thus old front or Nitzer ebb, gibt's today no longer and if, then it can hear eh ' no more humans.
Nee, that must be also like that no more, that is correct. The technique progressed also so far, which wants to make nobody now more.

23. There probably everything is plumbed, as variedly was that everything also not, as man's today gladly represents...
Jaja, in former times was everything better, there gab's so many different of tape and the whole Gesuelze...

24. Therefore also do Newcomer have it nowadays more with difficulty?
Yes, partially, thus with us also much helped the name, I white not, how that would have run, if we had been called XY.

25. Think do you, it in time the entrance created, where one could become more simply larger in the scene still somewhat, because there were not yet so many new of tape?
No, so for a long time we do not participate now also, the momentum were in us already there. We did not think at all in principle that we rauskommen at all, because that was at that time before three years already massively, comparably with today actually, as many more is that at all not become. Scheisse, now have ' I the question forgotten...

26. Aeh, I also...
Oh so, with that rauskommen. Thus I think, the name much constituted, the aggressiveness, which we put times again to the day, the scene fell asleep, everything more calmly became actually and it did not give no more this Kracher Electro with distorted singing and so correctly steam hammer Beat. There we clean-branched into so a small niche, which functions still. That make meanwhile again more tape, which make so - in quotes - the Funker Vogt sound.

27. Naja, in the rail gibt's still:w: and Leaether Strip, although I cannot in such a way reconstruct the frequent comparisons between you and their music nevertheless.
I also not, also with Leather Strip not, the voice which I make, that was not perhaps for LS before 10 years, although ours are deeper vocals much dark and - and still many more geschrien is.

28. With whom gladly once on route would go to it or would co-operate?
There there are many with security, with which one would not co-operate gladly, whether then always folds, white one then finally. Yes, with whom? Perhaps FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY would be still such a thing, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY before 3, 4 years. If F242 would arrive, that would be naturally a dream, an honour, if such people which with you make. But otherwise would be there already still many people, with which we would make gladly which.

29. What hear do you at the moment for music?
I hear yourself degrees the Headhunter 2000-Remixe on

30. Which of all?
All 4 naturally...
31. Which is worthwhile itself to buy at most?
Well with radio operators the Vogt naturally!

32. Clearly!
Everything does not please me also, but mix from APOPTYGMA BERZERK, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY and LS are considerable geil. Ours is actually normal rather, can one with live, is not not the Brueller, but already OK ONE.

33. How does your album run at the moment?
Very well. It is the most successful, there is up to now pleased we also more drueber that we increased constantly from VOe to VOe, it are already in for instance within the area, which we expected. After 5 days already 5000 was away, that was correctly fat, there was we ourselves baff.

34. What planned you except the USA route for the more near future?
We give still some concerts, and continue to see we only times. Then the Nebenprojekte pends again, with Fusspils wants we only times which to make, what will make a quantity of work, because there still nothing at all is finished and the one hammer album is to become.

35. In which regard?
In each regard!

36. How are the chances that it will give again Funker Vogt a Coverversion like " You CAN win... "?
That becomes probably bad by Fusspils a little, which has itself a little ausgenudelt. Thus, if, then a correct Coverversion of any other piece, which does not come from the hit area, thus nix German.

37. Thus a meaningful piece...
Whether that is meaningful or is not meaningful " You CAN win ", since one could argue!

38. Does that leave itself?
Och why not! That was nevertheless at workstation 1, therefore it must have been meaningful!

39. would not sign so necessarily...
Naja me is no matter that, but so a fun version wird's in next time do not give, except with Fusspils. But nix it is betrayed there that is like such a Ueberraschungsei, which will become a correct Klopfer there and we live also such a few Einzelgigs to then make. That we have with the route noticed, there arrived many people, which geschrien after Fusspils have, home-made t-Shirts had and and and. I think times, there am interest there, but there we will make only so 2, 3 Gigs and for it somewhat more largely because must naturally also a little Show are driven there.

40. What can one expect there, you in woman dresses or so?
As said... To rubber boot, diver suit, Kuerbiskoepfe and so'n scheiss, thus sowas intend we already. Make so correctly ridiculous so correctly, scheisse. On any scene it does not kucken that I now short-cropped rumlaufe with black Klamotten, simply like that wie's merry is. In principle one cannot say, we makes a party and gives a concert.

41. Do you need as balance to the " dark scene tape " Funker Vogt? Noe, a balance is that not, then we are actually stop, it make fun. Reflects only again, how we are in the normal life on weekend, if we go to us into the taverns and to get drunk, or if I am drunk, as I give myself then. That is like that, and there can acquit itself none of, if he is on a party and is drunk, then sings he also " Greek wine " also whether now the Electro is or otherwise what. It is, I is on a Electro party, then naturally not. In the fun and in the Suff one makes that naturally, and we transferred that, make it fun also somewhere. But when balance does not do, thus pain us the Electro scene also not, us makes that also fun, which makes Funker Vogt. Already some people said, make it in such a way only because of the coal or? If one is successful stop a little, the people want to analyze. The Gerrit has times 2 amusing responses given in any magazine, and there " Ey did not come at all, since their Abzocker " and " it are to it " equal lead and asked, and that is absolute Quatsch. Only the that not to it-been located, in quotes, am I, because I do not come from the Electro scene, but am only there grown. One can do me over Nitzer ebbs asks, there can I say " class ", there has ' I a disk of, which have ' I times belonged, but I can tell you there more drueber nix.

42. From which corner do you come?
Metal/Hardcore. I clean-slipped only by Gerrit into the Electro scene, and since then I hear logical-prove also and am there also fully behind it. But that I am the Electro since the 80ern, that would be lied. There I have also no problems along

I would like to thank for the interview.