Interview with Bjoern Boettcher of Ravenous-By The Elektrobank on 8/17/99

Me-1. Who are the members of Ravenous?
Bjoern-The members of Ravenous are Tim Fockenbrock, Gerrit Thomas and Bjoern Boettcher (me) plus our aditional lyrics-writer Kai Schmidt.

Me-2. What is your role?
Bjoern-Gerrit and I are the producers of the music of Ravenous and on stage I play keyboards. And I am also one part of the repo-management, so I do the management for all our projects together with Kai. We are all a big family.

Me-3. How did you get involved with Ravenous?
Bjoern-I am the founder of Ravenous, together with Gerrit i startet making music in 1989. We started with Ravenous first, all the other projects followed....also funker vogt came later.

Me-4. What were you doing before joining the band?
Bjoern-I went to school. Gerrit, Kai and I were in the same class for some years.

Me-5. What type of music did you listen to while growing up? How about now?
Bjoern-My all time favourites are Alice Cooper, Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Iron Maiden, no joke!

Mr-6. What would you be doing if you weren't part of a band?
Bjoern-Playing baseball in the team of the "fischbeck sharks" I was in the team for about ten years. I played short-stop and right outfield......I think I was not too bad. I love baseball, but at the moment there is not enough time for it. Now the music comes first.

Me-7. How is it working with the members of Ravenous and Funker Vogt?
Bjoern-Horror! :-), no... we are all very good friends, its all like a big family, like i said before.

Me-8. How did Ravenous get signed to Off Beat and then Zoth Ommog? What was the deal with Jarret Records?
Bjoern-We send out tapes to many lables in 1996 and Off Beat wanted to release Ravenous, so we signed to them. Then we had some trouble with them and so we moved to zoth in 1998 and they brought us in cotact with Jarret Rec. for the usa.

Me-9. Who would you want as an opener for a Ravenous tour and who would you want to open up for?
Bjoern-I really can't say who would be a good opener for us, but it would be great to be opener for Depeche Mode.

Me-10. Do you think Ravenous will break into the mainstream in Germany anytime soon?
Bjoern-This is one of our biggest dreams.

I would like to thank Bjoern Boettcher for answering my questions and Kai Schmidt.


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