The new Funker Vogt album, Survivor, is going to be released on October 21st (October 22nd for the US) in two edition, limited and non-limited.

The limited edition version is going to be a 2CD set with the second CD containing two remixed of the song "This World," an exclusive song "When a Child Dies," and a multimedia section. You can already preorder the album at Non-Stop Music for about $17.00 US.

note: Information was taken from Non-Stop Music

The next Funker Vogt single is titled "Date Of Expiration" and the release date is around June (for Europe only, unless Metropolis records decided to release it in the USA too). This is the single to the upcoming album titled Survivor

Date of Expiration track listing:
1. Date of Expiration [Expired]
2. Date of Expiration [Mouldy]
3. Second World
4. Date of Expiration [Fresh]
5. Traumatic Event

You can see a picture of the cover here Date Of Expiration Cover.

New tour dates are as follows -
04/18/2002 - Leipzig, Wave-Gotik-Treffen, AGRA-Halle
06/29/2002 - Kassel, Festival, Uni-Zentralmens
07/20/2002 - Leipzig, Festival,Meltewitz OT Mark Schönstädt am Waldsee (bei Leipzig)
08/11/2002 - Hildesheim, Mera Luna Festival, Hauptbühne
08/24/2002 - Bradford, GB, Infest-Festival, University Bradford
08/31/2002 - Stockholm,S, Festival

These are the new tour dates for the US shows.

March 13th L.A. @ The Palace
March 14th S.F. @ DNA
March 17th Washington DC @ Nation
March 18th Pittsburgh @ Club Laga
March 19th Philadelphia @ Trocadero
March 20th Boston. @ Manray
March 21st NYC @ Club New York (early show - doors open 7pm)
March 23rd Orlando @ Cairo (early show - doors open 6pm)
March 24th Atlanta @ The Riviera

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